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By @maximilianraynor 

A @torrianogroup production


Location: @meynelllangleyhall


Written, Directed and Designed by @maximilianraynor

Produced by @torrianogroup

Creative Producer: @billy___king

Producers: @harry_wilkinson__, @danielpcoen, @lolakpl, @astra.l

DOP: @rj.ong_dp

Runner: @nancytracey 


Gaffer: @harrisonnewman

AC: @arthurattenborough

BTS Documentary: @astra.l

Campaign Photographer: @christophlangenberg


Hair Design: @cmstanley13

Makeup Design: @mandygakhal

Lookbook Photography: @emwajones


Titles & Graphics: @guillaumenoodles

Colourist: @vanya.colour 

Editor: @billy___king


Soundtrack: @opuskink ‘St Paul of The Tarantulas’ and ‘I Love You Baby’ & @douglasdare ‘Heavenly Bodies’


Studio Design Team: @gbrlbwdn, @reuben.harris, @alexlyons000, @jocelynandra, @luciegonder


Initial Process Team/ Former Design Interns: @bryn.gibson, @grainne_rigney,, @robynhennessy


Jewellery by @justjjjewellery

Hats by @catesarci

Pearl Jewellery Collaboration with @gracealexandeerr

Wax Cord Crocheted Wings Collaboration with @cordiesavillesmith

Red Stud Tassel Supersize Knit Collaboration with @is.egan

MUA Assist: @makeupbyeshellss

Hair Assist: @aimeric_hairstylist

CSM 1st Year Helper @jude__braganza



The Faustian Footmen: @jason_mdygomes, @gareth_valentino, @yochan_

The Nuclear Family: @edwinapreston, @rue.charlotte, @thomas_borland1, Lou Middleton 

The Machiavellian Maid: @joanna.raynor

The Benumbed Butler: @billy___king

The Bullingdon Boy: @loulou.vanou

The Widower Poet: @johnfoleyperfumes

The Other: @vi0letleaf

Madame Bijoux: Anne Truman


The Devil Himself: @corbincaptures

The Faded Filmstar: @akuacthiep

The Attic Apparition: @sheerahravindren


Thanks to @lvmh #lvmhscholar &

Sustainable Vegan Leather Sponsor @louislucano_official, @mafcsm

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